The Global Point of View

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The Global Point of View

Taming the wind of our collective mind is the path to a peaceful, sustainable future. Humanity has taken dominion over the earth. By that, I don’t mean that humans now control the earth. No, rather, human activity is overwhelming the earth and it's resources. We can’t control the earth; we don’t even control ourselves.

We are in process of destroying, not the earth, but our habitat. We are doing this because we are out of control. We have become not only incredibly numerous, but also insatiable: we are consuming the lifeblood of our planet and leaving our waste under our feet. We stand in our own trash.

And, it’s a waste not only of material resources. It’s a waste of animal and plant life: the very wellspring of our existence. We are eating our way out of house and home. And, it’s not just waste of material, animal and plant life. It’s a waste of humanity, of human resources, which, by the way, may be the only resource we have in abundance.

One great, if not the greatest, ironic tragedy of human history is that men, who evolved to protect women and children from physical harm, have been the greatest perpetrators of harm to women and children.

One great, pure tragedy is that mankind has been conditioned to think itself divided into ‘races’ and ‘classes’ (when none in reality exist) purely as an excuse for some races and classes to exploit others.

The reality is that all humans are children of the divine. We all have the same potential to approach divinity. We can all find the same joy and peace and fulfillment that comes when we learn to still the mind and discover who we really are.

There are myriad causes of our dilemma. We could document hundreds. That is what historians do.

But, there is one root cause: our minds are out of control. As a collective, our minds are untrained. Thoughts run rampant; fears abound; greed, lust, anger and selfishness torque our mental reality.

This sounds bad: this is bad. The reality is that humanity stands, as it always seems to, on the brink of destruction. Many have called this warning before and maybe it’s no different now than then.

But maybe it is: the world has never seen humanity and its activity at this scale. This can lead one to lose hope, or, it can lead us to act.

It is time for the human collective train its mind; it's time to tame the wind.