A Call to Meditation

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A global challenge that starts with us

You are changing the world.

​As you evolve, we all evolve and the world evolves: all as one process.

What we think, say and do matters. It determines history. There are no bystanders.

We make a difference as individuals. Together, we make a bigger difference. The larger the collective, the larger the difference.

When I create peace in my life, the world becomes more peaceful. Not just my world, but the whole world.

I contend that the creation of peace comes through training the mind. That goes for you and me as individuals. If it’s true for individuals, it’s true for communities. If it’s true for communities, it is true for all groups of people, no matter how large.

It is scalable.

Meditation is training the mind to be still. Not thoughtless, but focused. Not blank, but concentrated. Not dead, but alive.

Meditation calms the fury of mental activity: the incessant chatter of thoughts.

Meditation tames the wind.