Tame the Wind: A call to Meditation

Tame the Wind: A call to Meditation

Tame the Wind: A call to Meditation Tame the Wind: A call to Meditation Tame the Wind: A call to Meditation

Greetings from home.

Many of us are spending much more time at home. Some of us are alone or have more time alone. Many, of course, are sheltering in place with family, including children. But for those of us who have found time on our hands, we have an opportunity to use that time to reflect, contemplate and access our inner resources. This is a fine time to start a meditation practice or ramp one up.

I do encourage you to do this. I also suggest that if you are looking to start a practice, you find one that is tried and true, systematic and safe. That means that there are clear instructions that offer guide rails and ample support either through published or personal agencies.

For those that have an established practice, I suggest that as you try to take that practice deeper, even deeper than you normally try to do, be in touch with others engaged in the same practice and continue to turn to the teachings of the mystic whose instructions you follow.

As a collective, we demand too much from our environment, depend too much on material stuff. By turning to our inner resources, we can find happiness and fulfillment that do not tax our planet. Really, the only resources we have that are infinite are within us. Let’s go there!

Peace of mind creates peace on earth.


Abiding joy is within us. The outer world is a platform or conduit for joy, but its source is inside us.


We can learn to quiet the mind, to create peace in our own lives. Then joy blossoms in us, we do not have to seek it. This learning comes with training the mind: meditation.



I call it 'taming the wind'.