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Imagine that you have access to a treasure trove of resources such as wisdom and energy. Add to that security, peace, love and joy.

Imagine that you contain all of them; that they all are within you.

What if that for which you have been searching is not in the outside world?

What if that which will fulfill you can be found inside, in your consciousness?

What if all the yearning that drives you to perfection is steering you to discover the depths of your own being, the inner sanctum of consciousness?

Could that be the source of fulfillment and the fountain of resources?

Could it be that what blocks you from accessing these resources is the busyness of your own mind: the turbulence of your consciousness, the chaos and chatter of thinking?

What would your life be like when you are completely fulfilled? When you have ready access to infinite resources? If you were wise and secure, truly at peace and full of energy, love and joy?

What would the world be like if many people were like that?