tame the wind

High Sierra Meadow

I have written and constructed this website with the idea and hope that I might inspire a few people to take up a meditation practice.

While I have read widely in historical, secular and spiritual literature, nearly all of my understanding and appreciation of spiritual wisdom comes from my spiritual teacher, Eknath Easwaran, founder of the Blue Mountain Center of Meditation. I have been practicing Passage Meditation, which he developed, for 30 years.

This being said, what I present in the website represents solely my limited understanding of the value and benefits of meditation. I alone am responsible for its contents. I strongly suggest that you go directly to the source of Easwaran’s teachings that can be found on the BMCM’s website: www.easwaran.org.

There are many legitimate teachers and sources of spiritual wisdom and I suggest that you delve into as many as you find necessary to find a practice that suits you.


James Phoenix