Who you really are

Meditation will not change who you are, it will change you to who you really are. You will not lose your personality, you will gain it.


Meditation helps you slough off the old snake skin of conditioning and habits that are ingrained patterns of thinking.


Meditation transforms negative emotions into positive emotions: anger into compassion, greed into generosity, fear into courage, selfishness into selflessness.


We have been conditioned by culture to believe we are individual beings, separate from others and that our well-being is independent of others.


In meditation we come to realize that there is more that connects us to other human beings than divides us. We appear to be separate beings from the point of view of the body, but in meditation, we realize we are much more than the body, that our consciousness connects us with all of life.


We experience the reality that there is only one, and we are it.


We experience the unity of life.