The Roadmap

A major project Metta Center has undertaken is The Roadmap. It is a graphic and conceptual model for contextualizing all the thousands of movements within civil society worldwide into one coherent framework which allows each component to see its relation to the whole.


The Roadmap serves as a connective between people and organizations within the movements, helping them learn from each other, collaborate and leverage their resources as a collective.


At the core of The Roadmap, at its hub, is the personal power that rises in the process and experience of meditation and other contemplative practices. In addition to a contemplative practice, The Roadmap recommends other specific daily practices that enhance person power.


Without personal access to the vast resources made available in meditation, the demands of the work to reset the world on a sustainable course can hardly be met. The Roadmap not only tells us where we are on the field of movements and how to leverage our work with that of others, it also inspires us to make the best of our own capacities, resources and actions.


Metta recently launched The Roadmap Compass. Its interactive features allow searchers to explore The Roadmap at their own pace according to their own inclinations. Along with other features, it makes available teachings and back story that illumine the movements in the light of nonviolence.


Tame the Wind is an effort to shine a spotlight on value of meditation, one component of the hub of The Roadmap, person power, and the necessity and beauty of personal transformation. When we take up meditation, it empowers us beyond our imagination. When we collectively tame the wind, we become the driving force that resets history.