The New/Old Story

Many people are living in The Story of Separation. Most believe we are and act as if we are separate beings with individual needs and desires.


In deep meditation we realize, we experience something different:


We are one disguised as many.


This is the new story and it is an old story: The New/Old Story. It has always been the true story, but humanity, as it "progressed" from antiquity to modernity, made up new stories to facilitate its adaption in the face of a changing environment, both natural and human.


Unfortunately, these stories were hijacked by those who benefit from the story of separation. How can one exploit another if one knows that we are one?


What is new in the new/old story is context. The old story that we are one is being retold in a global, interconnected world different in many ways from the world of the old story, but in many ways the same. The reality of the unity of life was experienced by people before the age of separation, and during and after: by most people  before, by few during and hopefully by many after.