The Claim

In a mind calmed by meditation or mindfulness, the winds of mental activity come under control. We become aware of our conditioned behavior. Habitual ways of thinking are exposed for what they are: automatic responses to stimuli, external and internal.


Once this awareness is awakened, we find ourselves on a path of deconditioning and reconditioning, and we gain control over our mind, our thinking process, over the way we react and respond to stimuli. In other words, we become masters of ourselves in a conscious way.


I claim that my life will be more peaceful and I will have a clearer vision of truth if I meditate, slow down my thinking, decondition and recondition my responses to stimuli, that is, if I tame the wind of my mind.


And, I claim that if you did the same (and by you, I mean all of you), the world will be more peaceful and truth will be more evident.