Tame the Wind

We demand so much from the planet. We want to do more than live. We want to thrive.


To thrive, to fulfill our desires, to be happy, we have demanded so much beyond what was necessary from our environment, with little care as to the result.


Now it is apparent that the planet cannot fulfill the material desires of all people, that we are not only running out of resources, we are damaging our habitat.


We have made life as we know it on Earth unsustainable.


I am saying only what millions, hopefully billions of people know. In this, I offer nothing new.


The purpose of this website is not to restate what is becoming more and more obvious, but to offer a simple, straight-forward and maybe even pedestrian suggestion.


As much as the world offers us material resources, life itself offers us as many resources that are non-material, that are not accessible in the finite, material, external world.


These resources include intelligence, experience, vital energy, wisdom, contentment, joy, love and ultimately peace. And, they are infinite.


These internal resources cannot be accessed without a certain level of material resources. We do need to maintain a healthy body, and physical comfort is part of living well. But we need much less than many of us consume.


Much of our consumption is compulsive, habitual and superfluous. We consume automatically, impulsively. We have lost sovereignty over ourselves, ceding our behavior to conditioning that lessens our ability to choose wisely.


We can decondition ourselves from compulsive behavior and regain the ability to choose wisely. Our internal resources give us the capacity to make better choices.


Those internal resources are readily available when we train the mind to access them. This training is called meditation. I call it taming the wind because in meditation we learn to control the normal restlessness and compulsive state of our mind and to decondition it.


The purpose of this website is to call on everyone to access these inner resources for two collateral purposes:


One, that we may limit our demands on the material resources of the planet and thereby preserve our habit.


Two, that we may collectively find fulfillment, joy and peace.


This is what mystics of all traditions call the purpose of life: to claim the internal resources contained in our consciousness, the birthright of every human being, and to experience the unity of life.


We have been conditioned to think that the material resources of the planet are our birthright as human beings.


What if material resources are available to us, not in order to grant us fulfillment, but to give us a platform from which we can access the internal resources that will grant us fulfillment?


What if the purpose of life is to find, access and manifest the internal resources of human consciousness?