Nonviolence is a way of life

Nonviolence is harmony with the unity of life.


Nonviolence is the context within which one soul who has some awareness of this unity touches another soul who has lost it.


Nonviolence is the force that results from the fusion of souls.


Mahatma Gandhi is an exponent of nonviolence because he was constantly aware of this unity. He knew his enemies were as connected to him as were his friends and family. He never lost sight of others' humanity, even when they lost sight of it themselves.


The Metta Center for Nonviolence is an exponent for nonviolence in the tradition of Gandhi, Badshah Khan and Dr. King. Its founder, Michael Nagler, is one of the world's leading Gandhian scholars. His connection to Gandhi comes directly from his spiritual teacher, Eknath Easwaran, who grew up in Gandhi's India, met and walked with Gandhi at his ashram, and became himself an exponent of nonviolence.


Easwaran's book, Gandhi the Man, tells the tale of Gandhi's transformation from a fearful, rather ordinary young lawyer into the fearless Mahatma, whose successful campaign to free India from the British Empire led to the dismantling of imperial colonialism around the world as well as nonviolent movements which have impacted more than half the world's population.


In Nonviolent Soldier of Islam, Easwaran tells the equally remarkable story of Badshad Khan, the "Frontier Gandhi," a Pathan from the Northwest Frontier of British India. Khan raised the Khudai Khidmatgars, the Shanti Sena (an unarmed, civilian peacekeeping army) which faced British bullets without defense or retaliation and turned the tide in the struggle for independence.


The Nonviolent Peaceforce currently fields several unarmed, civilian peacekeeping teams around the world. It follows in the tradition of the Shanti Sena and is a prime example of Khan and Gandhi's work still evident in the world.


Nonviolence as a way of life is based on contemplative practice. If you are interested in understanding the connection between mindfulness and harmlessness as well as the practical application of nonviolence, visit Metta's website:


A major project Metta Center has undertaken is The Roadmap. Click on it to read more.


Gandhi Montage courtesy of Metta Center