I think you should meditate

There, I said it.


I think we all should meditate, or least most of us, all who reasonably can, and that is most everyone.


I am convinced, through personal experience and that of sages and mystics given voice through the ages, that personal fulfillment is achieved when a person has attained a balance between the external life on the physical plane and the interior life on the spiritual plane.


I am convinced that this balance is what brings harmony and joy to life.


The mind is the bridge between the physical and the spiritual planes.


Balance is achieved when attention is given to both planes in appropriate measure.


At issue is the bridge. Our minds keep us in balance, or not.


If we believe we are primarily physical creatures and give scant attention to our inner spirit, we become fixated on the material things of the world. These things cannot bring us lasting joy. They are impermanent.


In meditation, we discover we are spiritual beings in physical bodies. It is crucial that we recognize the value of the body and treat it with care. If we ignore the needs of the body, we endanger our health and ability to function in the world.


If we are in balance we can take care of our health and comfort so that we can nurture our spirit and contribute to the health, comfort and happiness of others.


In meditation, we train our mind to be still.  If we train our mind well, when we are not meditating the mind is concentrated and slowed down.


A focused mind is effective and efficient on the physical plane; perceptive and pure on the spiritual plane.


The well-trained mind achieves balance.


When we are in balance, when our minds are concentrated, we bring harmony and abiding joy to our lives and the lives of others, to our planet and the planet’s ecosystem.